League of Ancients team brings together a group of driven and talented individuals with diverse expertise from different yet related industries. These individuals are bound by a long history of being MOBA gaming enthusiasts. Now, with the evolution of blockchain NFT gaming technology, they have come together to bring their play 2 earn video game dream to the masses!

Dwayne Ong - Governor (Project Lead)

A crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur with experience in multiple startups of various industries. A failed professional DoTA 2 grinder who ended up with mediocre MMR ranking.

Kenneth Choong - Overlord (Community Manager)

Ex-Professional DoTA 2 player. Having graduated with an MBA and a corporate career, fell in love with the positive vibes of the crypto community and decided to give up everything to be part of the crypto world.

Abdul C - Paladin (Smart Contract Developer)

A Full stack and Smart contracts developer with more than a decade of software development experience. Founded multiple startups and enjoys learning and coding.

John Lim - Prophet (Marketing Director)

Founded a marketing agency with more than 10 years of design and communications experience. Served clients from various of industries, including eSports, Technology and Consumer brands.

Gavin Liu - Chieftain (Game Director)

Specializes in character gameplay animation, move set ideation and well versed in the video game production pipeline. A Passionate fan of Japanese anime, movies, music, fashion and all facets of pop culture.

Luso - Warlord (Art Director)

Has produced multiple games throughout his career and has worked with numerous independent startup projects. Always willing to take on a new idea and challenge . His favorite quote, "Life is a game!".

Chien - Archpriest (Concept Artist)

A mural artist who performs his work by getting inspiration from playing DoTA 2. Eats, sleeps and dreams illustration work, Chien prides himself on his creativity and and burning passion for art.

Peter Joseph - Dragonlord (Partnership Relation)

Huge football fan, and full time party enthusiast, enjoys meeting people around the world. Strong believer of "Tomorrow is always a better day, never say never!"

Weng Hong -Templar (System Support)

Enjoys taking orders and executing them when the command is given. Enjoys working as a team and would have enlisted to become a soldier if it were not for LOA.
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